Day 11 – Reeth to Richmond


Reeth, our overnight last night, is the prettiest little village so far on our walk.  It was used as a location many times on the UK TV series of Jamies Herriot’s book, All Creatures Great and Small.  Today, we walked out of the Yorkshire Dales and left the Pennines, that ridge of hills known – as mentioned in another post – as the backbone of England.

Today’s Trail
The Start of Today’s Trail

We followed Swaledale – Swale Valley – the entire day to Richmond, the largest town we would go through on the walk, and Richmond is not very large.

Marrick Priory
Marrick Priory

We passed by the ruin of Marrick Priory, which was destroyed in the 1540 dissolution. We only see things in passing on this walk, no stopping for closer inspection, that must be another kind of holiday.  We need always to march on.

Stone Walls
Stone Walls – Built without Motar, Some Dating back to Elizabethan Times, but most are later, up into the 20th Century
Lunch Spot
Our Lunch Spot in the Village of Marske
Sheep and More Sheep
Joel and I
Joel and I and a Furry Friend
White Cairn
White Cairn and Some Shade

The walk today was relatively easy, a little over 11 miles, and only minor ups and downs.  We were entering a new phase of the walk.  Today, to Richmond, was attractive largely because of the valley, Swaledale.  The next two days, after Richmond, Alfred Wainwright, a fell-walker, didn’t like. He called it his low point of his Coast to Coast project, and he was not referring to just elevation.  The next two days will be very flat.

I am not sure whether many photos or many anecdotes will come out of them. Our next stay, however, will be in a village called Danby Wiske. Joel has an acquaintance, who did the C2C Walk and declared the Ashfield B&B there to be her favorite of the walk.  We will be staying there.

North Yorkshire
Now in North Yorkshire – Getting Somewhere!
C2C Sign
The C2C is Not a Well Marked Route – Always Happy to See a Sign!
Maybe our Last Nice View over Swaledale
It looks like Someone has Quit the Walk!
Entering Richmond
Approaching Richmond from above was impressive. The view may not have changed that much in the last four or five hundred years!
Approaching Richmond from Above
Street in Rickmond
Street Scene in Richmond
The Old Brewery
Our B&B, The Old Brewery, is at the Far End of the Street

We are leaving early tomorrow, because we want to enjoy our B&B – recommended by a friend – in Danby Wiske.  So, I will sign off. Good night!

Market Place
The Market Place in Richmond, Where We had Dinner

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