Day 5 – Grasmere to Patterdale

Day Ahead
We have to go over that bump.

Compared to yesterday, today was a cakewalk! Still, it was a big up and a big down, and rocky the whole way. Our B&B in Grasmere – which is the ritziest village in the Lake District, and one-time home of Wordsworth – was not good.  I even forgot to take a photo of it – no loss.

So, I really don’t understand these paths in The Lake District, nothing but rocks.  The bottoms of my feet are so sore each night.  Tomorrow is our toughest walk and the day after is our longest walk. Then, we have a day off, and we are out of The Lake District and onto the Yorkshire Dales, which must be much easier on the feet.  Our day off is on Friday (I mentioned Thursday a few posts ago, but found I miscalculated, sadly).

Joel and I
Joel and I. Behind us is where we came from. The trail is pretty civilized, so far.

Okay, tomorrow is our biggest climb and longest, most steep drop. It will be 16 miles and we are leaving super early, 6 AM, I think – ugh.  The day after is our longest walk – 21 miles, but supposedly on even trails. Then, we are done with Lake District rocks.

Pretty Tarn at the Top
End of Tarn
View from One End of the Tarn

Oh, let me quickly mention that, if the day of walking tomorrow gets too long, I may not report tomorrow evening.  I will be okay, I just don’t want to worry anyone.  We will likely need to get out again early on Thursday for the 21 mile walk.  These next 2 days are going to be grueling. I will try to write, but I don’t know if I will have the time or strength!

Rock Trail
They call this elongated pile of rocks a trail!

Joel and I rescued a lamb that got out of its pasture and couldn’t get back in, because of a fence.  We are proud of ourselves, for sure.

Joel and I Rescued a Baby Lamb, now Rejoined with Mama!

After rescuing the lamb we basically just walked down The valley for another 5 miles into our next overnight village of Pattersday.  We spied the White Lion Pub, which we have been hearing about for days from other Coast to Coasters, and they were all there!  Also, Alfred Wainwright, inventor of the walk, drank there!

White Lion
The White Lion Pub in Pattersdale – A Sight for Sore Eyes!
White Lion
Joel Bringing Refreshment at the White Lion
Now, I need to sleep. I have to get up in about 6 hours. I actually CHOSE this vacation! Can’t believe it!

Well, I will try to write tomorrow, if I can.  Anyway, for now, g’nite!

The Old Water View – Our B&B Tonight, Where Alfred Wainwright – Designer of the Coast to Coast Walk – also Stayed.


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