Day 16 – Blakey Ridge to Egton Bridge

Out the Window
Out my Window at the B&B, Feversham Arms

Tomorrow, it is the North Sea, or bust!  To reduce my chances of busting, I will need to finish this post quickly and sleep.  We are leaving early. It is supposed to be a hard and long day – our second longest day walk, about 18 miles.  There is also a steep straight up of 700 or 800 feet near the start.

Joel in our B&B Last Night
Two Australian Coast-to-Coasters, whom we have met at numerous places along the way.
Lion Pub
The The Lion B&B, where we stoppe yesterday and started today.

Today, we walked about 12 miles through the moors.  Because England has a bank holiday weekend, we could not get all the way to the suggested stop for the day, Grosmont. We stopped about 2 miles short in a pretty village called Egton Bridge.  Grosmont was booked out of rooms. I guess it is a hot spot for bank holiday tourists.  Well, that adds 2 miles to our walk tomorrow.

The Fat Lady
This is a boundary marker with a cross on top, known as the Fat Lady. You are supposed to leave food there and take food. I was going to leave a bag of potato chips, but there was no food to take, so I kept my chips.
Millennial Stone
The Millennial Stone – It marked a left turn for us.
Moor Landscape
The moors stretching out before us


As you can see in the pictures, the walk was fairly flat today.  Our guidebook of the trail promised views of the North Sea, but the horizon stayed hazy and, so, we didn‘t see our goal.

If I understand my map correctly, this valley is Glaisedale
Our friends, the sheep
River Esk
Off the moor, over the bridge and into the woods.
Worn Stones
I don‘t know when these stones were put there, but look how worn they are!

Our B&B this evening is called the Old Mill.  We went nearby for dinner, at a place called The Horseshoe. To get between the two, we crossed two old rows of stepping stones in the river.  I will paste the rest of the photos below and try to sleep for the big day tomorrow!

Updated Stats:

Distance walked so far: 185.54 miles

Ascents: 25,148 feet

Descents: 24,700 feet

The Horseshoe
The Horseshoe, our Dinner Pub
The Old Mill
The Old Mill, our B&B
The Mill Stream
The Mill Stream
Stepping Stones
The first of two sets of the famous Stepping Stones, crossing the river

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  1. Jeff, are you saving up your ale allowance for the end ?
    (Joel – good work on the beer front)

    Great writing and walking, thank you.

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