Practice Walk 3 – 15 Miles, Just an Average Day on the C2C

Weathered Paint
Weathered Paint on a Barn

I needed to shove in one more post.  I made 15 miles on Saturday.  The disance was pyschologically important, and I set it on purpose. An average walking day on the C2C is 15 miles.  Our first 2 days will be 15 miles each.  I planned to do another 15 miles on Sunday, but I was invited to a Cinco de Mayo party in the evening, and I was, unfortunately, not disciplined about my food and drink intake.  In short, I skipped the next day 15-mile hike.  That won’t be a choice on the actual walk.

A Wetland near the Village of Tustin

I felt fine until the end of the walk and for about 30 seconds afterwards.  Then, everything stopped moving.  The two toes on my left foot that I dropped the pickle jar on last week felt just plain broken.  I thought this is not such a good sign.  But, 3 hours later, all was fine again!  Maybe I will have that bounce-back resilience, in order to do this walk, day after day after day…  Maybe!

Pretty Barn
A Pretty Barn near Tustin

Well, I announced that my last post would be my last post before take-off.  This one certainly will be.  I have done a “dry-run” of my packing, noting down some last minute stuff to shop for tomorrow.  Little thngs.

The schedule goes now – I fly from Grand Rapids to Newark, New Jersey, on Wednesday.  There, I meet up with my walking buddy Joel for the flight to Manchester, England.  From Manchester, probably already Thursday, due to the new time zone, we will take a train to St. Bees, the village that begins the walk.  We have given ourselves Friday for “acclimating.” I will take pictures of the village and write a post on Friday.  I can imagine that the posts, the writing at least, may become a bit shorter on the walk.  I will hit the highlights, and post pictures.  Many mundane factual details can be googled, I suspect.

So, until England!

Barn with a Quick Thunderstorm Passing Through!


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12 thoughts on “Practice Walk 3 – 15 Miles, Just an Average Day on the C2C”

  1. Motion is the lotion remember to listen what your body tell’s you happy trails to you and Joel

  2. it must be our age because my feet always hurt after a long hike. I spent 40 years standing on a concrete floor in the basement of a hospital as a nuclear medicine technologist. Give your feet a massage and you’ll be ready the next morning! Good luck to you and safe travels.

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